Business Website Up, Book Sales Upcoming

Greetings from the northern Rockies,

Who I am: Austin Bunton, former U.S. Marine Infantryman and combat instructor, now a world traveler, marathon runner, researcher, and novelist with a Master’s degree in computer science. I can explore or relocate to anywhere on Earth within 24 hours. I have had recurring dreams about completing my life’s work (building sustainable communities and caring for the environment), sailing to Antarctica, and seeing the aurora there; it is calling to me; this is my calling.

My project, life’s work, and business proposal summary: I have written a 10-novels sci-fi saga to help introduce people to many of the concepts of the innovative, high-tech, ultra-luxurious, zero-pollution, fully self-sustaining resort and healing center I designed over the course of the last 15 years. I have also begun the plans for 5 video/computer games (also about various aspects of this resort design) which I would like to work with a major game development company to take from studio and beta to market. While you wait on these products to reach shelves in stores near you, you can also take a look at the 1,000-page business website I built to help debut all these concepts and creations. I would like to begin construction of the resort I have designed, making it the next evolution up from Disney World and the flagship to set the trend for many equally impressive, sustainable communities to come.

My budget projection: I anticipate needing ~$7,000 for the initial marketing of my novels, and ~$1,000,000 in business start-up costs which will cover the office, staff salaries, travel (for meetings with potential investors and partners), and overhead. Development costs for the 5 games will be handled by the game development companies. The construction cost of the resort will be handled by real estate financing, possibly in the form of a large loan from a major bank to a corporation such as Nakheel or Pegasus Global Holdings. (*I have a more detailed budget and W.B.S. by month available upon request.)

What I am asking you for: one small grant, and help via introductions and meetings with the leaders of major construction companies around the world, then the leaders of major companies which will want to sell their products (such as GoPros, various fashions, etc.) in the stores of the mall of this resort, and, at all times in this process, introductions with the most successful people and companies you know; that I may present my pitch deck to them and request their participation, expertise, and backing in this project.

Peer reviews: People who have seen my resort design have called it New Jerusalem, New Asgard, New Valinor, Cibola, or Rainbow City (I am not particularly religious, but I like the sound of those nicknames, and the excitement it has given my friends and other interested parties). Some have said they know I will be the one to restore unity and hope to us all. Some have wept tears of relief when I told them of my plans (which include a new educational system, a new healthcare system, a new type of power grid, and a new form of volunteer-based government).

My commitment and the R.O.I.: I can build this city-sized resort for much less than resorts and cities of the same size and scope have been built in recent years (e.g. Dubai at ~45 billion dollars over 15 years) –because of what I have studied, majored in, and found around the world. To be specific, I know how to build this design in less than one year (and with 60% less construction waste, 70% less production time needed, and 80% fewer labor costs), as well as clean up most of the pollution in our oceans, atmosphere, and beyond –in less than one generation. Imagine building a city for under $9 billion instead of 45, and in just months instead of years. Imagine enjoying the continual revenue generated by 10 novels, 5 major video games, a few motion pictures, and an entire resort full of hotels, shops, rides, restaurants, clubs, and many other attractions. Most start-ups take three to five years to see their R.O.I.s. This will start seeing its R.O.I. within the first year, and blossom into a major and thriving economy. Will you join me in this great endeavor?

I am seeking between one and three million dollars in start-up capital in the form of an angel investment.

You are welcome to chat with me over Skype or the phone, have a teleconference with me, or meet me wherever works best for you.

Austin Bunton, USMC
Inventor and Founder of the Inisfree Resort
CEO of Austin Bunton Design (
+001 406.581.2781